Friday, September 23, 2011

More on Blogging

I had much to think about after attending the Central Coast Writers' Conf. Got a great handout with tips on blogging.
1. go to and sign up for a profile that's compatible with all blog platforms.
2. Comment like crazy on other people's blogs.
3. Choose a blogging platform such as which is simple or WordPress, which is good too.
4. Make sure the title is something with your name in it so that others can find you.
5. Decorate your blog with a couple of photos.
6. Bookmark you blog or you may never find it again.
7. Keep your blogs short, 600 - 1200 words and only one subject per post.
8. Go tell your friends that you've made a blog.


  1. What you've forgotten to include is HAVE FUN!

    We are writers; never be intimidated by putting words on paper. Don't be afraid of being judged. That comes with the territory. Stick by what you put out to the public. You are entitled to your opinion.

    Tip: Sit down and write three blogs, one right after another. Trust me, you'll have plenty to talk about. Store them away for the future. Riff off blogs you read from others. Does your opinion differ? Do you have another angle?

    Show off your personality. This is how we get to know you.

    Folks, any other advice for our latest blogger?

  2. Good start Gloria. And Sunny is right. It should be fun. Blogs are short, personal, and on any topic. My only comment on the tips you posted is this: personally, I think blogs can and should be short. Unless you are really teaching a topic that needs it, I would suggest staying far away from that 1200 word limit. There, I've tossed my opinion out there for all to comment and take issue with. But nobody will shoot me.

    James Callan

  3. Gloria - thanks for attending the conference and capturing and sharing that information with us on the other side of the country! It's helpful!

  4. Yep, have fun, pick a theme, stay regular (uh, blogging that is, regular posts), follow others, keep everyone informed.

    Stephen L. Brayton

  5. Got here easily, good that you are on your way.