Saturday, November 5, 2011

Serial Killers

I went to Alliant University in Fresno today with the San Joaquin Sister in Crime to hear Dr. Eric Hickey tell us about serial killers. Some facts I learned: In the last 7 years there have been 147 serial killers, defined as 2 or more killings with a pattern. There are 40 thousand people missing in this country.
Some of the cold cases are now being solved with the new DNA technology. One case recently was 50 years old, a man caught because evidence had been stored that contained DNA.
I don’t think you want me to describe some of the scene he told us about.
Most serial killings are sexual motivated and are perpetrated on weak women. So I guess the take away for us is, don’t be weak.
If you’re interested in more information about serial killers, Dr. Hickey has a book that can be found on Amazon. He is often asked to consult on major cases.

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