Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Dorothy Bodoin book

I finished A Shadow on the Snow by Dorothy Bodoin a few nights back. My reading time is in bed during the hour before I go to sleep.
Here’s my summary. Protagonist, Krisha Marlow has problems; no permanent job, no love life and little money. One thing she has, a cabin in the woods of northern Michigan, which she inherited from her great aunt. She travels to Huron Station with the idea that she’ll dispose of her aunt’s belongings and sell the cabin. As the story opens she has arrived in a snow storm, managed to rear end the local sheriff’s patrol car and gets lost on her way to the cabin. To top it all off, she discovers a man hanging from a tree with an arrow through his heart.
Huron Station is a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business. She soon learns that a local hunting protestor is first on the list of suspects. However, when he is not held, she begins to feel uneasy since she saw the driver of a car fleeing the scene. Odd things begin to happen, from someone watching her cabin, arrows in the snow, to strange dreams and a radio that turns itself on. The locals think she shouldn’t stay in such an isolated place, but Krista is certain she can handle herself even while she seeks to question key people in the plot. The climax comes in the middle of a blizzard in a tense scene where all the aspects of the mystery are revealed.
Bodoin’s ability to convey the sense of snow, wind, freezing cold and isolation made this reader pull up the covers and snuggle down underneath. Bodoin is particularly skilled at creating the sense of a harsh environment. Oh yes, and there’s a little romance too.

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